S.W.S.C. Board of Directors
The South Windsor Skating Club
Our 2017/2018 Board of Directors
Members of the Board of Directors are volunteers working for the betterment of our skaters and the South Windsor Skating Club.
The South Windsor Skating Club is a not-for-profit organization and depends on volunteerism to make the club a success. We are always looking for assistance with volunteers to play music on the STARSkate sessions and help with the various responsibilities the club has at  skating competitions each season.
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Test Chairperson
Vice President
Fundraising Chairperson
Power Skate Chairperson
Program Assistant Chairperson
Public Relation Chairperson
Membership Committee
Louise Cocchetto
Nicole Chevalier
Marisa Gignac
Ying Huang
Maria MacNeil
Leonard Mailoux
Maria Mann
Christine Morton
Alice Wong
Paul van Heugten
    Honorary Board
Marlena Kovacevich-Connor  & Lori Lafferty-Vilneff
STARSkateTechnical Coordinators
Tamara Pearson
CanSkate  Coordinator